Michaela Eikenbary


I love: my family, my iMac, hummingbirds, pinot noirs, cooking with friends, the beach, gardening, reading the latest business and design books, art galleries, bold colors, my Nespresso machine, buddhas, flowers, silver jewelry and traveling throughout Mexico.

Art that has moved me:  works by Georgia O’Keeffe and Gustav Klimt

Favorite flowers: Casablanca lilies and orange poppies

I crave:  Sushi, Spicy, and anything made with lemons

My evil twin is:  Dishonest with a lack of compassion

Person who knows me best:  My husband and my siblings

You couldn’t pay me enough to: drink bad wine

My favorite form of play:  Gardening and exploring nature with my family

I am inspired by art that: engages me and has bold color design, and photography of far away places

I am at my best when: I am doing creative and inspiring projects

Completely outrageous thing I would like to own: a burnt orange convertible VW beetle