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Artist Michael Carson creates large paintings that are a cross between Norman Rockwell and the moody Prada ads of the late 2000s.  His long-legged, gamine figures wear the visage of modern disaffected youth while trapped in a time period not quite our own.  The effect is mesmerizing.  Carson says, “I paint people because I have always had a serious addiction to watching people.  I try to get that feel in my paintings.  As if I am just watching people doing everyday things in my work.”  You can view Carson’s work at the Richard J. Demato gallery in Sag Harbor, New York or online here.

Barely Interested by Michael Carson

Breeze by Michael Carson

Michael Carson

Man in Jacket by Michael Carson

For more galleries exhibiting his work, click here or here.

-Jayme Catalano


With spring upon us, so, too, is the question of how best to appoint and decorate our outdoor living spaces.  Artist Tiffany Drage of Newport Beach offers an elegant and beautiful solution:  living pictures made of colorful succulents.  Perfect for small areas and blank vertical walls, her succulent wall art is a low maintenance alternative to traditional potted plants and a way to bring a feeling of refinement to the great outdoors.  If you are more inclined toward DIY, see Sunset Magazine’s excellent instruction guide to creating your own.

Vertical succulent wall art by Tiffany Drage

Succulent wall art by Tiffany Drage

To purchase a bespoke original by Tiffany Drage, visit her Etsy store front TiffanysLivingArt.

The De Young in San Francisco has staged a ground-breaking multimedia exhibit featuring 140 of John Paul Gaultier’s haute couture designs.  With a career spanning more than forty years, the context of Gaultier’s work is often gritty and controversial although the superb craftsmanship and detail ensure the work is always beautiful.  Known in popular culture for his work with Madonna in the 90s and his costume design on The Fifth Element and City of Lost Children, Gaultier’s work transcends high fashion into fine art.  Working in collaboration with Montreal-based theater company Ubu Compagnie de Creation, the exhibit includes 30 animated mannequins who talk, sing, and blink in an eerily lifelike way.  The exhibit runs through August 19th.

An animated mannequin.

A wedding gown.

Beaded dress that took 1002 hours to complete.

For more information on the exhibit, visit the De Young website.

-Jayme Catalano

In his Mixed Media collection, L.A. based artist Alex Gross found vintage portraits and re-imagined the Victorians as superheroes and villains.  The crazy costumes notwithstanding, the effect contemporizes the solemn faces of Civil War veterans, society matrons, and school boys with our modern, pop-culture obsessed world.  I’ve always felt remorse for the long-forgotten people in those discarded photographs in the bins of dusty antiques stores but now at least some of them have been rescued from obscurity.  Gross has released a book called Now and Then: The Cabinet Card Paintings, available on Amazon, that includes photos of the original images before their transformations.

Mordo by Alex Gross

Peter by Alex Gross

Scarlet Witch by Alex Gross

Max by Alex Gross

For more information, please visit the artist’s website.

-Jayme Catalano



Image Blender for the iPhone is an ingenious little program that allows the user to blend two images together to create a trippy little masterpiece.  The $2 app offers endless possibilities for layering, masking, and filtering, all with a single swipe of a finger, simplifying an otherwise complicated and time consuming process in Photoshop.  To purchase, visit the iTunes Store.

-Jayme Catalano

After a decade on the road following the band Ladytron, Reuben Wu has developed a knack for documenting the overlooked and unexpected.  Wu is preoccupied with the “derelict, forgotten, remote and strange.”  His own transience and inability to make a mark are also themes in the work.  The images have a dreamy, almost visionary tint to them; the places and people don’t seem real and they all seem to be from a time long past.  As Wu says in  his artist statement, the images “subtly confound our perception of what is corporeal and what is tangible; as unremittingly human as they are impossible to place.”  You can view more of the work at the artist’s website.

Reuben Wu

Reuben Wu

Reuben Wu

-Jayme Catalano

The Rice School of Architecture selected ring roads from two dozen international cities, layered the ring roads to the same scale, and color coded them for distinction.  The result is Ring Roads of the World, a beautifully graphic illustration of urban sprawl.  Prints are available through the school’s website.

Rice School of Architecture "Ring Roads of the World."

-Jayme Catalano

Fine Little Day, a Swedish store online, stocks whimsical, delightful, and interesting home goods, gifts, and jewelry.  Founded by artist Elisabeth Dunker, the company calls themselves a “sprawling and happily inconsistent company” with an ambition “to include art and design in your everyday, joyful life.”  In addition to their impeccable collection of textiles, wallpapers, ceramics, and books, the store stocks vintage birch bark shoes, mini lederhosen, art prints, and beautiful cutting boards.  Best of all, the store ships free worldwide.  Happy Shopping!

Cutting board by Elisabeth Dunker

Boabab by Elisabeth Dunker

Flaky Fields by Anna Backlund

Visit the store’s website for more information on purchasing.

-Jayme Catalano